Aviation Insurance

At Zaphon Insurance Brokers, we provide Aviation Insurance Cover. Our Aviation Insurance service is specifically arranged towards the operation of aircrafts and all the associated risks the aviation industry is exposed to.

We provide Aviation Insurance covering the following;


Marine Insurance

As against the goods in transit insurance, the cover is provided for losses sustained whilst the goods are in transit by sea or air outside the country.


Life / Group Life Insurance

The Pension Reform Act 2004 makes it compulsory that members of staff of an organization are insured against death following an accident and sickness up to “3 x the Annual Earnings".


Liability Insurance

Liability arises in most cases when a person liable to pay compensation for losses inflicted as a result of wrongfully causing harm to others either by injuring or damaging their property.


Oil & Gas Insurance

This includes insurance of both the Onshore and Offshore risk. Onshore risks include the refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Plumping & Metering Stations, Gas Plants & Compressors, Gas Turbine, Storage Deports/Farms, Transportation/Pipelines, Mobile Drilling Barges, Vessel/Graft, Control of WellS/Work-over, Redrilling, Seepage and Pollution, Terrorist Attacks well as Abandonment.


Property Insurance

Our Property insurance services include but not limmited to the following;

FIRE AND SPECIAL PERILS: A standard fire insurance covers the risk of loss, destruction or damage of properties as a result of fire, lightning and explosion. This scope of cover can however be extended to insure allied perils such as flood, storm, tempest, tornado, earthquake, impact, aircraft damage, bursting and overflowing of water tanks, bushfire, riot and strike as well as malicious damage.


Claims Management Services

At Zaphon Insurance Brokers, we render claims management service and Claims are what set us apart from the crowd. Importantly, it is what our customers and competitors judge us on. Our claims team is integral to our business process carrying out the entire claims process and ensuring a good turn around timing to the satisfaction of our customers.