Aviation Insurance

At Zaphon Insurance Brokers, we provide Aviation Insurance Cover. Our Aviation Insurance service is specifically arranged towards the operation of aircrafts and all the associated risks the aviation industry is exposed to.

We provide Aviation Insurance covering the following;


  • PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: It is also referred to as ‘third party liability’. The insurance covers the aircraft owners for damages that their aircraft cause to third party properties. Note that it does not cover the aircraft itself or the passengers on board the aircraft.
  • PASSENGER LIABILITY INSURANCE: This insurance protects the aircraft owners against liabilities that may arise as a result of injury or death to passengers or damage to their cargoes/baggage on board of the insured aircraft due to accident. Please note that this cover is calculated on per seat basis.
  • GROUND RISK HULL INSURANCE: This insurance provides coverage for the insured aircraft against damage when it is on ground and not in flight. It covers such events like fire, theft, vandalism and extraneous perils.
  • IN-FLIGHT INSURANCE: This insurance covers the aircraft against loss or damage both in-flight and on ground. It covers the aircraft against all risk except for standard exceptions like war which can be covered on extension of the policy. Note: Extensions - There will be no deductible in the event of total loss, constructive total loss, Search and rescue expenses, Aircraft layup returns, Profit commission, Ground risks only for unserviceable aircrafts.  
  •  HULL DEDUCTIBLE INSURANCE: The deductible imposed by underwriters under the Hull Insurance can be insured against. In the event of a claim the hull deductible insurers will be called upon to compensate the airline for the amount of deductible unpaid by the hull underwriter.
  • HULL WAR AND ALLIED RISKS INSURANCE: Hull war and allied risks insurance including all risks continuation, extortion and supplementary expenses. A standard hull policy will not cover war and Hi-jacking of aircrafts. These can then be the subject of another entirely different insurance policy covering loss or damage to the insured aircrafts as a result of war and allied perils. Extensions - Extortion/Confiscation/Hi-jacking, Search and rescue, wreckage removal, runway foaming expenses.
  • CREW MEMBER INSURANCE: This insurance will cover the aircraft crew and other flight members against injury, death or damage to their baggage as a result of accident to the aircraft.