Zaphon Insurance Brokers Ltd

Welcome to Zaphon Insurace Brokers Ltd.

Zaphon Insurance Brokers was incorporated in 2006 with registration 646210. A private Limited insurance brokerage house, the company was licenced by NATIONAL INSURANCE COMMISSION in June 2007 to handle the placement of all classes of insurance consisting of general business, life, pension including oil & gas insurance.

In order to provide and maintain a good standard of service to our numerous and diverse customers, the operations of the company have been fully computerised from inception. This in particular will ensure that we attain our vision of providing personalised and efficient services to our clientele as it is our intention to adapt our products to the actual individual and particular diverse needs of the clients.

The shareholders of the company comprise of people of repute and respect who have excelled in their various businesses and professions. They share a common vision of promoting the insurance industry by managing the clients’ various risk and ensuring that the expectations of the insuring public are realized by the way of indemnity in the event of a misfortune. Hence, we shall endeavour to insure with only the insurance companies of repute and strong financial base.

Furthermore, insurance brokers are appraised based on their ability follow up claims and ensure its settlement promptly, we assure you that your claim process and timing will be short to ensure minimal or no disruption to your business operations.

This ultimately actualizes the ultimate motive of the insurance in preservation of wealth.

We are of assurance that our management team of young, dynamic and experience professionals will always satisfy your insurance requirements.